Sun City Group.,Ltd is located in Yongkang Zhejiang China. It owns five subsidiaries which are Yongkang Sun City Industrial Co.,Ltd; Yongkang Sun City Import & Export Co.,Ltd;Yongkang Sun City E-Commerce Co.,Ltd; Yongkang Sun City E-Commerce Training Co.,Ltd and Yongkang Sun City Human Resources Co.,Ltd. Sun City embodies a passion for high quality doors, material, design and service. Our aim is to devrlop our product in order to provide our customers an integrated door solution, and help to choose the one that is right for customers. Our sincere motive is to maintain our goals, and give our customers' satisfaction. We are doing our best to creat SUN CITY to the world brand. Winning the trust, satisfaction, developing and creating the latest technical and new innovations in our products are the goals of SUN CITY as the Enterprise leader. We believe that we can always giving the most suitable door solution to our customers, as the same price we have better quality; the same quality we have better price.

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  • BSCI Audit Approved Door Manufacturer

  • Oketex Certification

  • Sedex Audit Approved Door Manufacturer

  • Environmental - Friendly Raw Material

  • CE Approved Door Manufacturer

  • lntertek Audit Approved Door Manufacturer

  • Wrap Audit Approved Door Manufacturer

  • SGS Audit Approved Door Manufacturer

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