About Us

Sun City Group.,Ltd is located in Yongkang Zhejiang China. It owns five subsidiaries which are Yongkang Sun City Industrial Co.,Ltd; Yongkang Sun City Import & Export Co.,Ltd;Yongkang Sun City E-Commerce Co.,Ltd; Yongkang Sun City E-Commerce Training Co.,Ltd and Yongkang Sun City Human Resources Co.,Ltd. Sun City embodies a passion for high quality doors, material, design and service. Our aim is to devrlop our product in order to provide our customers an integrated door solution, and help to choose the one that is right for customers. Our sincere motive is to maintain our goals, and give our customers' satisfaction. We are doing our best to creat SUN CITY to the world brand. Winning the trust, satisfaction, developing and creating the latest technical and new innovations in our products are the goals of SUN CITY as the Enterprise leader. We believe that we can always giving the most suitable door solution to our customers, as the same price we have better quality; the same quality we have better price.


Advantages in Business Management

SUNCITY insists on the development strategy of branding, adheres to the business philosophy of “talents first, market-oriented, quality-based brand and innovation-driven development”, and vigorously promotes the modernization and internationalization.

SUNCITY adopts ERP data management, which helps the company to be vital and superior in the market competition. In addition, SUNCITY persists in standardized management with guaranteed technology and quality, which covers from production, sales to after-sales service, and helps deliver top-notch products to customers.

Advantages in Technologies

With the sophisticated manufacturing equipment and the introduction of the world’s advanced manufacturing equipment, SUNCITY maintains its advantages in the market. The delicate division of labor can effectively reduce the labor intensity, which not only helps the staff master skilled craft, but also guarantees the product quality and work efficiency. SUNCITY has always adhered to “the green production and healthy development” as its corporate social responsibility, and resolutely manufacture in accordance with national standard specifications. SUNCITY has passed through a variety of quality system certifications, environmental certifications and corporate credit authentications.

The mature and robust supply chain system is the basis for cost-effective products. SUNCITY enjoys a mature supply system of high-end locks and hardware doors. Through the large-scale manufacturing, bulk procurement, lean management and collaborative operation, the cost advantages are worked out to the extreme. Thus, SUNCITY can provide the most cost-effective products for customers.

Advantages in Product Quality

Technology is the primary productive force and the basis for the survival of an enterprise.

In SUNCITY’s testing centers, testers would conduct physical and chemical tests as well as performance tests for raw materials, product accessories, product parts, semi-finished products and finished products, and would retain samples to ensure product safety, reliability, fire resistance performance and environmental standards according to the production frequency and quantity etc.

In SUNCITY, quality control is in each production step in each production line by each quality inspector; in SUNCITY, the sense of responsivity and artisanship is on each position, in each day and in each product. SUNCITY always honors the commitment on product quality.

Advantages in Marketing Services

“Create value and enhance branding.” Excellent corporate culture helps SUNCITY achieve the advanced service concepts; “attention to detail and beyond expectations”. SUNCITY aims at first-class services and take the initiative to establish the first brand flagship store in the industry with a high-quality marketing service team to offer customer-oriented and 24/7 services, and create a scientific and standard service management system.

It is a new era which calls for the new development. As an industrial leader, SUNCITY is showing its phenomenal brand value by its long-lasting vitality. Facing the emerging consumer groups, SUNCITY will continue with its new products and marketing concepts to maintain the highland in the market.