Anti-theft door is a kind of door that can effectively prevent theft. It is made of special design and materials and has strong security performance. There are many types of anti-theft doors. The following are several common types of anti-theft doors and their characteristics. Copper door Copper door is a kind of door made of […]

The anti-theft door is a special door designed to protect the safety of family and property. They are usually characterized by high strength, hard to break and anti-theft locks. There are many types of anti-theft doors. The following are some common anti-theft doors: Steel anti-theft door: This kind of anti-theft door is mainly made of […]

Flat door phylum A side hung door is a door whose hinges are attached to the side of the door and open inward (left inside, right inside) or outward (left outside, right outside). It consists of door cover, hinge, door fan, lock and so on. relationship Single door opening and double door opening are terms […]

Spring door A door with spring hinges A spring door is a door classified according to the way it is opened. A door equipped with a spring hinge automatically closes when opened. The most common spring door is the ground door, which is used for public places and emergency exit channels. Introduction A spring door […]

Folding door Folding door is a furniture term, mainly applicable to workshop, shopping malls, office buildings, exhibition halls and home decoration and other places of partition use, screen use, inner door, outer door can be installed and used. It can effectively play the role of temperature insulation, dust proof, noise reduction, sound insulation, shelter and […]

Stainless steel door Door made of vacuum plated stainless steel plate Stainless steel color plate door is a door made of stainless steel color plate material shear and press processing, and the appearance of ordinary doors, the main material is stainless steel plate by vacuum plating color treatment, the stuffing is generally wood, glue, foam […]