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Flat door phylum A side hung door is a door whose hinges are attached to the side of the door and open inward (left inside, right inside) or outward (left outside, right outside). It consists of door cover, hinge, door fan, lock and so on. relationship Single door opening and double door opening are terms […]

Spring door A door with spring hinges A spring door is a door classified according to the way it is opened. A door equipped with a spring hinge automatically closes when opened. The most common spring door is the ground door, which is used for public places and emergency exit channels. Introduction A spring door […]

Interior door A door to the entrance of a bedroom or study An interior door is a door at the entrance to a bedroom room or study. Function 1. Divide the interior space. 2, strengthen anti-theft. 3. Channel function. 4. Beautify the interior. Species Common classification 1. Paint-free interior door 2, paint the interior door […]

Home building Materials City is the largest Taobao decoration catalog, the most brands of the shopping platform. Mainly for the majority of consumers to provide home decoration needs. Main business Switch, paint, paint, locks, lamps and lanterns, handle, hardware, kitchen basket, sink, bathroom, wall paste and other products, many well-known household brands tens of thousands […]

Steel wood construction Composite building with steel structure and wood trim Steel wood structure, type is a hybrid structure, characterized by a traditional architectural style, strong and durable. Steel structure for the main bearing, outsourcing wood material insulation, stairs, doors and Windows made of wood or decoration of the house Paraphrase The so-called steel and […]