Composite door

A door made of two or more primary materials

As the name suggests, a door made of two or more main materials.
The general structure is the inner frame + door core + decorative panel, according to the components of the material, the practice to decide a variety of performance, grade, price.


In appearance
1. Look at the edge, because the professional manufacturers use modern machinery and equipment, using imported glue high temperature and high pressure edge sealing, the appearance of the bedroom door after the edge sealing should be smooth and firm.
2. Look at the hardware accessories, in addition to the production process of the wooden door itself, the quality of the hardware also affects the service life of the wooden door. The hinge is a kind of hardware connecting the wooden door and the door frame. A good hinge has anti-corrosion performance and good transmission, which can ensure that the hinge is evenly stressed and not damaged by the weight of the door.
3. Look at the veneer, veneer is composed of two parts, one is the material, refers to the type of door veneer wood, determines the background color and texture of the room door, the room door materials on the market are mainly walnut, cherry wood, oak, ash and so on; The second is the quality of finishing. The quality of paint and finishing process determine the finishing quality of the facade. High-quality paint and advanced spraying and baking process can ensure that every bedroom door is painted smooth, uniform color and clear texture.
4. Look at the environmental protection of materials, all raw materials are environmental protection materials to make environmental protection products, it is best to have the environmental protection department inspection certificate.
5. Look at the service, the manufacturer has its own service system is also very critical, consumers in the signing of the contract, product delivery, acceptance, warranty period of quality problem solutions should be indicated in the contract is to be completed by the manufacturer.
6. The quality of the wooden door manufacturing process directly affects the service life of the door. Generally speaking, after a period of time, the wooden door is often prone to deformation, cracking and other phenomena, which reduces the sound insulation effect, sealing and performance of the door. Therefore, the production process of the wood door is guaranteed, because of its wood moisture content is low, and not easy to deformation, cracking.
7. The sound insulation effect of wooden doors depends on the material of the door and the details in the processing process. Because the sound insulation performance of the door is achieved by reducing the air flow, therefore, the higher the density of the door, the heavier the weight, the better the sound insulation effect.
Indoor environment
1. When the room environment is warm, compared with the wooden door, you can choose warmer colors, such as: cherry wood, teak, Shabili, etc. When the room environment is cold, relatively should choose a light wooden door, such as mixed oil white, birch and so on. 2. The color of the ground should be coordinated with the wooden door to maintain the same color (such as cold and warm), but it is best not to be consistent. Prevent the ground with the wall chaos, weaken the sense of room space.
3. Large, or sunny room, you can choose a deeper black walnut, can create a more calm atmosphere effect color itself is beautiful, no right or wrong. It’s all about matching and coordination. If you’re really in doubt, choose white. White is the least error-prone color!
On the room type
1. In addition to considering the security factors of the door security door, from the perspective of beauty and practicality, most people choose a solid wood door with decorative effect of strong, heavy sense;
2. Hall, living room door mostly adopts the fan type, push and pull type or folding type, and its style is the square format of the full glass door type, this type of door to occupy the space area is small and convenient, has the characteristics of simple, bright, transparent and bright;
3. The bedroom door should be warm, natural, elegant lines of all solid wood door type, this door gives the owner quiet, a sense of security, or square format, opaque glass Japanese door is also more popular and practical;
4. The design of the study door should adopt the beautiful, simple and elegant semi-glass oval door or the ancient window edge pattern, which can produce the effect of ancient bookish door and cultural color;
5. The kitchen door should be sandblasted, frosted pattern, semi-transparent half glass door is the best, the bathroom door should be a unique full solid wood door, give a person privacy and security, or the upper full frosted treatment of half glass door, can give a person with a sense of quiet. The doors of the storage room should be louvered wooden doors with good air permeability.
6. Balcony door, patio door should be used with good lighting, high transparency of the full glass door should be noted that, all types of household door selection, should also pay attention to the overall design and coordination of the room, and do not gild the lily, self-reinforcing. For example, if the door has a straight lintel, use a straight lintel; if the door has an arc lintel, use an arc lintel. The size, height and width of the door, the height of the lock position and the shape of the lock are also coordinated as far as possible. The wood of the door can be selected according to the characteristics of the room and the wood and furniture used.


Solid wood
The core of the solid wood composite door is mostly glued with pine, fir or imported filling materials, affixed with density board and solid wood veneer, made after high temperature hot pressing, and sealed with solid wood lines. General advanced solid wood composite door, the door core is mostly high quality white pine, the surface is solid wood veneer. Because of the small density of white pine, light weight, and easier to control the moisture content, the weight of the finished door is light, and it is not easy to deformation and cracking. In addition, solid wood composite doors also have thermal insulation, impact resistance, flame retardant and other characteristics, and the sound insulation effect is basically the same as solid wood doors.
The door fan is made of steel plate which is molded once and then combined with solid wood frame and inner packing. Not easy to deform, but also can prevent insects; Moderate price steel and wood doors are afraid of scratching, once scratched, the finished finish looks incomplete. The surface is abrasion resistant.

Pros and cons

1. Do not paint, save costs, and oil workers also save a lot, the key is no paint pollution, not easy to deformation.
2. The facade has many patterns, smooth lines, bright color, clear natural texture, solid texture, and beautiful visual three-dimensional sense;
3. Full of artistic sense, noble and elegant, can play the role of decorating the room.
4. Compared with the traditional solid wood door, it has many advantages, such as moisture proof, moth-proof, no deformation, no cracking, strong and durable, good thermal insulation performance, with various types of door frames, suitable for different thickness of the wall, and convenient installation, its color is diverse, personalized design can meet the requirements of different customers.
5. The design is novel and the color is full. Beautiful and generous, rich sense of art, strong three-dimensional sense. The surface of the color technology, suitable for all types of room style, noble and elegant, personalized design, the perfect interpretation of the quality of life;
6. It is made of high quality steel plate embossing and wood inner reinforcement, with novel style and rich color;
7. The introduction of advanced technology and equipment, unique heat transfer technology, exquisite technology. The steel plate is oiled, rusted and phosphating by chemical materials, and then electrostatic spraying and high-temperature baking. After transfer, it is natural wood grain. The facade is lifelike, the color is gorgeous, the feel is smooth, delicate, the product is strong and durable;
8. High hardness, good luster, no deformation, anti-aging, a high-end luxury products;
9. Moth-proof, moisture-proof, stain-proof, heat-resistant, crack resistant, strong without deformation, sound insulation effect is good, is a durable product;
10. Non-toxic, tasteless, no formaldehyde, toluene, no radiation pollution, environmental protection and health, is an excellent green environmental protection products;
11. The perfect combination of door frame and door fan, easy installation, save time and labor, save material, save money, is an economical product.
1. The door is relatively heavy, and the requirements for the door cover and hinge are much higher. The paint-free door cover is also prone to problems.
2. High price: Take black walnut, which is relatively popular in the market, for example, the price is about 4500 yuan, and the price of general rowan wood, oak wood and manchuria ash is also about 2400 yuan.
3. Easy cracking or deformation: the paint surface is generally polyester paint, and the joints of the door and the upper and lower docks and the door core board (process joints) are prone to paint pulling and cracking phenomenon.

Composition of structure

Internal frame
(1) From the layout
There are “day” glyph, “mu” glyph, “field” glyph, low-density mesh, medium-density mesh, dense mesh, honeycomb shape and so on;
Among them, in the case of the same material frame, the density of the mesh determines the performance of the composite door.
(2) from the material to divide
(1) pine, fir, solid wood finger joints and other wooden inner frame;
(2) The inner frame made of hollow steel plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate mixed with the above wood. This inner frame is very good performance, high grade.
Door core
The caulk inside the door. Generally, there are:
(a) Honey paper: environmental protection, light quality;
(2) particleboard: environmental protection, heavy quality;
(3) Density board: environmental protection, quality heavy;
(4) Sawdust cement board: environmental protection, overweight;
(5) Ceramic door core: environmental protection, waterproof, overweight.
Finish up panel
On the market, a variety of composite doors, product names mostly to the decorative panel materials. Generally, there are:
Three – centimeter plate, four – centimeter plate, six – centimeter plate, plywood, plastic plate, aluminum alloy plate, stainless steel plate, plated plate, galvanized plate, enamel plate
Bark veneer, PVC veneer, polymer board, fireproof board, molded board, aluminum plastic board, high density board and so on.

Cleaning and maintenance

1. Do not use organic solvents to scrub, organic solvents will destroy the surface of the paint layer.
2. When painting the wall, the wooden door should be covered to avoid the paint falling on the surface of the product, so that the finishing material peel off, fade, affect the overall beauty.
3. Wooden door is solid wood skin, very fire.
4. Pay attention to the cloth dipped in neutral reagent or water should not be placed on the surface of the wooden door for a long time, otherwise it will damage the surface and make the surface finishing material discoloration or peel.
5. When removing stains on the surface of the wooden door, use a soft cotton cloth to wipe the surface. It is easy to scratch the surface with a hard cloth.
6. If the stain is too heavy, use neutral cleaning agent, toothpaste or special cleaning agent for furniture. After removing the stain, dry wipe again. Do not rinse with clean water.
1. Do not hang heavy objects on the door, so as not to reduce the life span; When opening and closing the door, do not use too much force or open the Angle is too large; Do not use too much force to wipe the glass, in order to avoid personal injury.
2. When removing stains on the surface of the wooden door, use a soft cotton cloth to wipe it. It is easy to scratch the surface with a hard cloth. If the stain is too heavy, you can use neutral detergent, toothpaste or furniture cleaning agent, after the stain dry wipe. Do not wash with water or wipe with too wet cloth, so as not to warp the wooden door.
3. Pay attention to the cloth dipped in neutral reagent or water should not be placed on the surface of the wooden door for a long time, otherwise it will soak the surface and make the surface of the finishing material discolor or peel.
4. Pay attention to the edges and corners of the wooden door do not rub too much, otherwise it will cause the edges and corners of the paint off, and hinges, locks and other hardware accessories loose, it is best to ask the manufacturer’s professional personnel to carry out maintenance. When the door is opened, it makes a sound, indicating that there is a problem with the hinge and other hardware.
5. Pay attention to the edges and corners of the wooden door do not rub too much, otherwise it will cause the edges and corners of the paint off.
6. The face and lock are movable accessories. When loose, they should be tightened immediately. When the hinge position sounds, oil should be injected in time.
7 Due to the wood has the characteristics of dry shrinkage, wet expansion, in the case of large differences in temperature and humidity, such as slight cracking or contraction, this is a normal natural phenomenon, do not need to panic, with the seasonal change, this phenomenon will disappear naturally.
8. In order to keep the bright color of the wooden door, it should be regularly waxed for its maintenance.
9 Kitchen toilet should pay attention to, do not water, especially the bottom of the door cover.
10. The heating problem in winter, indoor should not be too dry, the humidity in the air should be kept at about 40%, for the floor, for the wooden door, and even for the home is the best state.
11. Keep the indoor ventilation well so that the wooden door is at normal room temperature and humidity, to prevent the deformation of wooden products due to wet, temperature difference is too large, metal accessories rust, edge sealing, veneer materials fall off.
12. When using electric heating or other heating equipment in winter, keep away from wooden products to avoid heat deformation.