Folding door

Folding door is a furniture term, mainly applicable to workshop, shopping malls, office buildings, exhibition halls and home decoration and other places of partition use, screen use, inner door, outer door can be installed and used. It can effectively play the role of temperature insulation, dust proof, noise reduction, sound insulation, shelter and so on.

Basic content

Component composition

The folding door is mainly composed of the door frame, door fan, transmission component, boom component, transmission rod, orientation device, etc. The door type can be installed indoors and outdoors. Each diaphragm door has four doors, two each for the side door and two for the middle door. There is a hinge connection between the side door door and the middle door door, the other side door door door and the upper and lower end of the handspike are respectively equipped with the up and down shaft, the shaft is connected with the upper and lower shaft of the door frame on both sides of the door, the side door spike will rotate around the side, and drive the door door to rotate together to 90 degrees, so that the door door open and close, electric, the upper shaft end installation boom parts, transmission parts, The middle of the upper part of the door frame is installed with transmission components and door opening machine; A directional device is provided on the middle door fan. After the operation of the door opening machine drives the two gears of each transmission component, and the two teeth of the rack for linear motion, the other end of the rack is connected with the rotary arm, the rotary arm for circular motion, the side door frame is rotated around a handlift, electric open the door. The middle seam of the two doors are equipped with safety protection devices. When closed, it will return to the fully open state in case of obstacles, which is safe and reliable. The width of the door is 3000-4800mm and the height is 3000-4800mm. There are a total of 26 specifications, both electric and manual [1].
Material production
The door plate is made of metal sandwich plate with polyurethane or polystyrene foam board as the core material. The outer frame is made of cold-rolled channel steel, the surface is sprayed with plastic or aluminum alloy extruded profiles, and the sandwich plate is riveted. The outer frame is connected with bolts by special corner connectors around the outer frame. The door frame material is 80×60×4mm rectangular steel pipe.
According to different styles, folding doors are divided into side hanging folding doors and push-pull folding doors. The folding door folds over multiple doors and can be pushed to the side, taking up less space.
According to the ease of installation, folding doors are divided into simple folding doors and complex folding doors. Simple folding doors are the same as flat doors except that the hinges connecting the folding doors are specially made. The installation of complex folding doors uses rotating hardware accessories on the upper and lower tracks of the doors.
According to the different use methods, folding doors can be divided into manual folding doors, electric (traditional) folding doors, electric (dual models) folding doors. Can be selected and purchased according to use needs.
According to regional characteristics, folding door styles are divided into north and south. The main feature of the north is the calm style, the most representative style is the lattice style, and the most characteristic of the lattice style is Tange. In the south, the style of live dial as the main characteristics, the most representative is the flower glass style, more distinctive styles are lattice, ice carving, shallow carving, crystal shell and so on

Advantages and disadvantages

The folding door has the advantages of elegant appearance, novel style and various colors.
Easy to use, push and pull freely, effectively save the door space.
The folding door has the chemical stability of light weight, heat insulation, moisture proof, fire retardant, noise reduction, sound insulation, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.
No oil smoke, easy to clean, not easy to change color, suitable for kitchen, bathroom, toilet and other occasions.
Easy to install and fast, long service life, easy maintenance.
The tightness is slightly poor.
Slightly poor insulation.
Parts such as pulleys and hinges are prone to wear and tear and need to be equipped with high quality accessories

Installation and maintenance

① Confirm whether the length of the track is correct. If it is too long, use a saw to cut off the growing part. Be careful not to let the sawdust into the track.
② Insert the folding door into the track in the strapped state.
③ Confirm the direction of the handle and the installation direction of the simple lock, and then install the track. Fasten the screws from center to left and right. Unfasten the rope that binds the folding door after installation.
④ To install the suction plate, align it with the position of the suction stone on the folding door in advance, and then tighten the suction plate with screws [2].
If there is dirt on the surface of the folding door, please use neutral detergent, wipe off the dirt with a towel, etc., and then you must wipe with wet wool (dry). Do not use organic solvents to prevent discoloration of the folding door surface. Folding door is easy to clean, not easy to dirty, dirt can be easily removed

Choose and buy

Style and color
The purpose of the decoration of the house is to create a warm and harmonious living environment, so the first thing to consider when choosing the folding door is the style and color with the harmonious match of the bedroom style. The decoration style is smooth and simple to choose generous and simple style; Lively and bright choose light and elegant want to match; Classical comfort is decorated with heavy elegance, in short, it is recommended to choose style acquaintance class
Color system
Good color collocation is the key element of the dyeing room, so after determining the style, the second thing to consider is the folding door color collocation with the color of the room. Room color matching is basically similar color mainly with contrast factors to raise points, you can first divide the room environment color image and light and shade, can be three color system; Wall, floor, furniture soft decoration. The color of the interior door can be considered close to the furniture color system, such as the ground is dark floor wall white with purple Wei wood door, the environment color system is both contrast and maintain harmony.
After the design and color is considered, the process and quality of the products are followed. The process quality of products can be preliminarily assessed by simple inspection means of appearance, namely hand touch and side light. Touch the frame, panel and corner of the door with your hand, requiring no scratching sense, soft and delicate, and then stand on the side of the door to meet the light to see whether the paint surface of the door panel has concave and convex waves