Home building Materials City is the largest Taobao decoration catalog, the most brands of the shopping platform. Mainly for the majority of consumers to provide home decoration needs.

Main business

Switch, paint, paint, locks, lamps and lanterns, handle, hardware, kitchen basket, sink, bathroom, wall paste and other products, many well-known household brands tens of thousands of products online sales, you can easily choose a variety of well-known brand decoration materials you need to meet your one-stop home furnishingprocurement needs, So that you can save money, save time, save worry, save effort to buy their own home products, to create a better life!

Origin of establishment

The founder of Home Building Materials City has a working background of famous domestic building materials enterprises, and has a unique and profound understanding of home decoration materials market and domestic online shopping. In the majority of shoppers gradually to the product cost performance requirements more and more high today, we found that we must have a perfect purchasing and distribution system, in order to continuously improve product quality and reduce product prices, so it is imperative to reduce the increase of product sales intermediate link cost. Therefore, we use Taobao platform to create home decoration materials integrated shopping mall, affordable transfer to customers. The team was founded on May 4, 2010, by the home improvement industry, building materials industry, e-commerce industry, IT industry veteran. We have clear assignments that make our work more efficient. We have the courage to constantly meet challenges, the perseverance to constantly overcome difficulties, and the mood to sink and rise again, all for the purpose of making every friend shopping in home building Materials City can have a different online shopping experience.

Our mission

Consumer-oriented, to provide intimate and thoughtful service, to build the most trustworthy consumers, convenient and fast shopping platform. Provide fair and smooth channels for suppliers, and establish two-way connection between products and consumers. Provide a sustainable career path for each member to work happily.

Our culture

All actions of the Home Building Materials Market must be based on providing valuable and reliable services to the target consumers. Fair and open. Holding a common heart, honest business, the responsibility of life. Focus on healthier, longer term development.

Our advantage

1. Product quality: The suppliers of Home Building Materials City are all the manufacturers and the first-level agents and dealers designated by the manufacturers. The products sold are all genuine goods purchased through the formal purchase channels, and enjoy the same quality assurance as the goods purchased in the shopping mall
2. Product price: the most affordable price of Taobao
3, product architecture: for consumers to provide “home building materials to buy one-stop home services to make consumers more comfortable decoration.
4. Professional team: To ensure that customers can consult professional knowledge at any time
5. Merchant commitment: We promise to provide authoritative information, the lowest price and convenient shopping methods, to create a new E-era shopping experience for you! We promise to operate in strict accordance with national regulations and policies. The products we operate are the original authentic products that are legally taxed and introduced into the formal channels. We have a perfect warranty, return and after-sales service system.
Home building Materials City is in the growing stage. Every message and comment from you are valuable ideas for us, from which we can find what we need to improve. Only with your support can we have our future, so that we can go further and strive to become the best shopping mall in the home decoration material industry in everyone’s mind.