Interior door

A door to the entrance of a bedroom or study

An interior door is a door at the entrance to a bedroom room or study.


1. Divide the interior space.
2, strengthen anti-theft.
3. Channel function.
4. Beautify the interior.


Common classification
1. Paint-free interior door
2, paint the interior door
3. Steel and wood interior doors
4. Solid wood interior door
5. Ecological indoor door
6, wood plastic interior door
7, solid wood composite door
8, polymer indoor door
9. Stainless steel door
10. Steel interior door

Classification mode

Type by opening mode
Wooden doors can be divided into flat doors, sliding doors, folding doors and spring doors according to the way they are opened. The code names of these four opening modes are P, T, Z and H respectively. When the lifting fixed part is combined with the flat door or sliding door, it is the flat door or sliding door.
Classification by structure
According to the different structure of wooden doors, wooden doors can be divided into all solid wood tenon door, solid wood composite door, plywood molded hollow door.
Classified by finish
According to the classification of veneer materials, wooden doors can be divided into wood veneer, wood-based board and polymer materials, code M, R, and G.

Selection method

Four looks
Look at the finish (molding and paint);
Second look at the proof (toxic substance content);
Three look at the material (solid wood material);
Four to see the work (whether the size rules, tightly stitched).
Only master this “four look”, will not be in the maze of doors do not distinguish between true and false.
Choose the solid wood door when you can see the thickness of the door, you can also use your hand to knock on the surface, if the sound is even dull, it shows that the door quality is better. Weight: The higher the proportion of solid wood in a typical wooden door, the heavier the door will be. If it is pure solid wood door, the surface pattern is very irregular. In the past, the door surface pattern is smooth and neat and beautiful, often not the real solid wood door.
As the late processing technology of wooden door factory, its advantages and disadvantages directly affect the final use effect. At the same time, the cost of painting is also one of the biggest parts of the cost of wooden doors.
The types of paint are roughly divided into phenolic paint, alkyd paint, polyurethane paint, nitro paint, polyurethane paint and PU paint. Phenolic paint and alkyd paint are basically eliminated in decoration due to poor film texture and adhesion. Nitro paint, polyester paint and PU paint used in high-end furniture are used in large number. Because the construction is relatively simple, suitable for manual operation, nitrocellulose paint is used by most manual decorative wood, but its paint film is thin, feel is not good, the effect is not ideal.
Due to the problem of cost processing means and equipment, 90% of the wooden doors in the market use polyester paint, and a few manufacturers use PU paint. Generally speaking, polyester paint and PU paint have to go through six processes such as color finding, three bottom and two sides, and some brands add curing and waxing process.
Therefore, in the selection of wooden doors, paint is one of the factors that must be considered. It directly affects the texture, feel, moisture-proof, environmental protection, durability, yellow resistance and other issues.
Selection technique
1. Look at the style and color first. The purpose of the decoration of the house is to create a warm and harmonious living environment, so the first thing to consider when choosing the wooden door is the style and color of the wooden door with the harmonious match of the bedroom style. The decoration style is smooth and simple to choose generous and simple style; Lively and bright we choose light and elegant want to match; Classical ease is adorned with heavy elegance. In short, it is recommended to choose a style familiar to the class close,
2. Depend on the color system. Good color collocation is the key element of the dyeing room, so after we determine the style, the second thing to consider is the color of the wooden door with the color of the room. Bedroom color matching is basically similar color mainly with contrast factors to raise the point, we can first the bedroom environment color image and brightness and shade are divided, can be three color system; Wall, floor, furniture soft decoration. Basically keep these three color system can be, not too much benefit. The color of the wooden door can be considered close to the furniture color, such as the ground is dark floor wall white with purple Wei wood door. The color system of the environment has both contrast and harmony. If you are not too sure or not in the case of professional guidance, recommend this “by” approach, don’t always think of contrast everywhere, in fact, the environment has been compared, you just find a environment near the door color can be, or ground or wall or furniture, and then in the details of the difference can be, For example, the texture of the wooden door is different from the grain of the ground. As to which color system should be measured according to the actual situation.
3. Feel the hand. After the design and color is considered, the process and quality of the product is followed. We are unlikely to go to the manufacturer to see how he is processed, only through a simple appearance inspection means to assess the quality of the process of the product. Here to teach you two words: hand touch and side light look. Touch the frame, panel and corner of the door with your hand, requiring no scratching sense, soft and delicate, and then stand on the side of the door to meet the light to see whether the paint surface of the door panel has concave and convex waves. Basically rely on these two can know whether the workmanship is qualified.
4. Inspection materials and relevant qualification certificates of manufacturers. But by the above we can not say that we can buy back satisfied with the rest of the wooden door, wooden door internal material is what? Is it environmentally friendly? Here we can test it in three ways; One, as far as possible to choose manufacturers with good brand reputation, China Wood Circulation Association wooden door professional committee held a wooden door industry conference in Beijing, the conference through strict investigation and selection of China’s top 30 wooden door enterprise member units. These manufacturers are more standardized in scale, product quality and service system. Two, by checking the relevant qualification certification of the manufacturer against the relevant industry standards is complete and true, to measure what its product structure is like. Three, before installation, pay attention to the final check by viewing the internal material of the door lock hole.
In addition, the price is also a measure of quality, the real material can not be too cheap, each kind of product has his certain cost, low and its cost limit offer is questionable, such as the production cost of the full real wood door should be about 3000 yuan, if the business offer 2500 yuan, there must be a problem.
In short, the purchase of indoor doors should be carried out in accordance with the above steps, it will avoid the misunderstanding of being led by the nose by businesses because of a loss.