Paint-free interior door

A general term for an interior door whose surface does not require user painting

Paint-free indoor door is a general term for indoor doors that do not need to be painted by the user. The surface is beautified by pressing decorative leather or panels that mimic the texture of wood.


Paint-free interior doors and painted interior doors are a group of opposite concepts.
At present in the market, people are used to a “eye” shaped wooden square frame, the interior filled with honeycomb structural materials, the surface of the PVC decorative leather called the interior door
Paint-free interior door (hereinafter referred to as “PVC door”); In fact, this PVC door is only one member of the paint-free interior door family.
In fact, on the basis of PVC doors to improve the surface material derived from the actual type of door: such as
The surface of the polymer plate becomes “polymer indoor door”;
The surface of the PVC coated steel plate becomes the “coated steel wood indoor door” and so on.


Manufacturing process
General practice of paint-free indoor doors:

Door cover: bottom for the fir plate, and then do a layer of high density board, and then a layer of pvc film, door fan practice: both sides of the 5mm high density board, the middle for the four sides of 3×4cm wood square, inside the distribution of density board into the strip (hollow bone lattice) (can also use honeycomb paper) solid cost is high: If you add 3 points fir plate in the inside to add about 180 yuan, the market selling 4,5,600 yuan is not solid door, process; Cutting carved — — — — — — — — — — install into the press – to burnish of — — — — — — — — — — — spray glue, laminating – finished products

Matters needing attention
No sunlight, heat, water