Sliding door

To push the pulled door

Sliding door is a common family door, refers to can push pull door. With the development of technology and the diversification of decoration means, sliding door from the traditional plate surface, to glass, cloth, rattan, aluminum profile, from sliding door, folding door to partition door, sliding door function and use range is constantly expanding.

Basic Features

Whether it is square meters of toilet, or irregular storage room, as long as the sliding door, then small space will not be wasted, folding sliding door can even be 100% open, do not account for a minute of space. From the use point of view, the sliding door undoubtedly greatly facilitates the space division and utilization of the living room, and its reasonable push-pull design satisfies the compact order and rhythm of modern life. In terms of taste, the push-pull glass door will make the room appear more light, in which the division, cover and so on are so simple but still changing. In today’s advocating close to nature, a smooth, quiet, transparent and bright sliding door can be installed on the balcony to enjoy the sunshine and scenery


According to the different way of use, sliding door can be divided into: electric sliding door, manual sliding door, automatic sliding door and so on.
According to the different application occasions, sliding door can be divided into: workshop sliding door, industrial sliding door, workshop sliding door, prison sliding door, wall cabinet sliding door and so on.
According to the different production materials, sliding door can be divided into: metal sliding door, glass sliding door, color steel sliding door, aluminum alloy door, solid wood sliding door and so on

Installation process

Preparation for construction
Technical preparation: The drawings have been reviewed, the positions and dimensions of the doors and Windows are consistent with the construction drawings, and the technical disclosure work is completed according to the construction requirements.
Materials: The variety, type, specifications, dimensions, opening direction, installation position, and anti-corrosion treatment of the sliding door must meet the design requirements. Main accessories and materials: edge, groove, pulley and other hardware must meet the design requirements.
Operating conditions: Before installation, check whether the door frame and fan are warped, painted off, hard damage, etc. If so, they should be dealt with [2].
Technology of construction
Installation of vertical edge strip: After the main structure is completed and qualified, check the hole size measurement three points shall prevail. Draw a +50cm position line on the door frame according to the installation elevation of the door frame to correct the door frame levelness during installation. Use a sling to correct the vertical and lateral verticality of the frame, and use a level to correct the levelness of the rising head.
Installation of the finished door: Install the finished door and test whether the push is smooth. If the effect is not good, he can push and pull freely by adjusting the pulley at the bottom of the sliding door [2].
Standard of quality
Main control item: The quality and performance of the sliding door should meet the design requirements. Inspection method: Check the production license, product qualification certificate and performance test report. The varieties, types, specifications, dimensions, opening directions, installation positions and anti-corrosion treatment of sliding doors shall meet the design requirements. Inspection method: observation; Ruler inspection; Check the entry acceptance record and concealed work acceptance record. The door must be securely installed. The number, location, burying mode, and connection mode of the embedded parts must meet the design requirements. Inspection method: observation; Hand pull examination; Check the acceptance records of concealed works. Push and pull accessories should be complete, the position should be correct, the installation should be firm, the function should meet the use requirements and the performance requirements of the special door. Inspection method: observation; Hand pull examination; Check product qualification certificate, performance test report and on-site acceptance record .
1. Take waterproof and moisture proof measures during installation.
2. When adjusting and repairing the door, do not pry hard to avoid damaging doors, Windows and hardware.
3. Handle the installation tools with care to avoid damaging the finished product.
4. The hole of the door frame that has been installed shall not be used as a material transport channel. If it must be used as a material transport channel, protective measures must be taken

Tips for Buying

Border section
The base material of sliding door is roughly aluminum alloy and plastic steel. Because aluminum alloy has the characteristics of light weight and high strength, it is a high-grade material of sliding door substrate, and has gradually replaced plastic steel products. Aluminum alloy is divided into ordinary aluminum magnesium alloy and aluminum titanium magnesium alloy. Titanium metal has the characteristics of high strength, small proportion and high toughness, so its price will be several times more expensive. In addition, advanced surface treatments include anodic oxidation, electrophoresis coated carbon spraying and other processes, which have higher hardness and aesthetics than simple spraying and electroplating [1].
The thickness of the
If glass or silver mirror is used as the door core, 5mm thick is generally used; If wood is used as the door core, 10mm thickness is the best. Some manufacturers in order to save material costs, use thinner wood (8mm or even 6mm) instead. Too thin wood, push and pull up appear to be light, shaking, poor stability, and after a period of time, it is easy to warp deformation, card guide rail, resulting in not smooth push and pull, affect the normal use.
The paint is double branded before spraying transfer, that is, the surface dust removal and impurity branding, which increases the adhesion of the paint, and the paint never falls off. And some small manufacturers’ profiles are simply branded, or even not branded, so the paint is easy to fall off and the texture is not clear.
The profile surface of large sliding door manufacturers are processed by the company itself, and then processed by imported advanced technology. The product paint is smooth and exquisite, uniform and full, and the texture is clear. Small sliding door manufacturers are from the profile factory wholesale finished products with color profiles, the surface can not be processed by themselves, single color, door color is not interchangeable, such as transportation or installation profile scratches, filling and the original door color mismatch, color difference and other problems.
The boards (mainly fiberboard and particleboard) used for sliding doors are all wood-based boards, and the adhesives used contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde. Many wall cabinet door manufacturers on the market, most of their boards are produced in China, and even use coarse boards. Many boards contain excessive formaldehyde, which is distributed indoors and polluates the environment. In the cold season in the north, when the doors and Windows are closed, the impact on the health of consumers is greater.
Material of pulley
Pulley is the most important hardware parts in the sliding door. The material of pulley on the market is plastic pulley, metal pulley and glass fiber pulley. Metal pulleys have high strength, but they tend to produce noise when in contact with the track. Carbon glass fiber pulley, containing roller bearings, push and pull smooth, durable wear, box closed structure effective dust, more suitable for the large sand in the north, two anti-jump devices to ensure safe and reliable sliding. And some low-grade sliding door wheels, made of organic plastic, easy to wear deformation, a long time to push and pull ups and downs, open wheel structure is easy to enter dust wear internal bearings, it is difficult to ensure the push and pull flexible, an anti-jump device or even no anti-jump device, easy to derail when pushing and pulling, very unsafe.
Shake the sliding door in the vertical direction of the sliding rail. The less the shaking, the better the stability. When shaking, pay attention to the pulley and the sliding rail, if the quality of the sliding door, the gap between almost zero, so that there will be no vibration sliding up, smooth and smooth. Therefore, the close combination between the upper pulley and the slide rail determines the smoothness of its sliding.
Pros and cons of bottom wheel
Only with a large bearing capacity of the bottom wheel, to ensure its good sliding effect and long service life. The high-grade sliding door is made of carbon glass fiber, with ball bearing, with non-lubricating ester, poor pulley is often made of engineering plastics or organic plastics, bearing capacity is small, it may be no big problem to start using, but it is easy to deform for a long time, affecting the pushing and pulling effect
Style of board
Partition: as a partition door, most of the board is more transparent, can make the space more open, take into account the decorative effect, and the overall room style match.
Cabinet door: The material is wood, glass, mirror and other, the height of the glass door should not exceed 2.5 meters, the bedroom should not choose the mirror door. Plate moving door is simple and generous, good safety, in addition, there are also louver series moving door, plate moving door.
Stop and stop device
Stop block is generally made of steel, but the durability of good steel will be stronger, steel is not good, after a long time collision will produce displacement, so that the sliding door can not stop in place. In fact, metals have a fatigue period, after a long time of work is easy to deformation, and the stop block made of copper processing corrosion resistance, can maintain stability for a long time, so you can try to choose this material

Routine Maintenance

1.Keep the track clean.
2.Beware of heavy objects falling on the track.
3.Clean with a non-corrosive cleaning solution.
4.If the mirror or panel is damaged, please ask professional personnel to replace.
5.For the sake of safety, always check that the anti-jump card device is in operation.
6.When the door body and the wall are not close, professionals should adjust the sliding wheel screw so as to achieve the tightness of the door body and the wall