Solid wood composite door

Solid wood composite door refers to the solid type body or close to solid type body made of wood, glulam and other main materials composite, and the surface layer is wood veneer veneer or other cladding materials.
The core of the solid wood composite door is mostly made of pine, fir or imported filling materials, affixed with density board and solid wood veneer, made after high temperature hot pressing, and sealed with solid wood lines. General advanced solid wood composite door, the door core is mostly high quality white pine, the surface is solid wood veneer. Due to the small density of white pine, light weight, and easier to control the moisture content, so the weight of the finished door is light, and not easy to deformation, cracking. In addition, solid wood composite doors also have thermal insulation, impact resistance, flame retardant and other characteristics, and the sound insulation effect is basically the same as solid wood doors.


In solid wood composite doors, common wood finger joints are often used as the base material to play the role of structural connection and frame, and improve the deformation resistance; Wood texture decorative strong, thin wood made of precious tree species, used as the surface decoration material of the door, can truly reflect the characteristics of wood; The man-made board is mainly medium fiber board, its material uniformity, milling processing performance is good, can be used as modeling components. Therefore, the solid wood composite door makes full use of the excellent characteristics of various materials, avoids the use of precious wood with high cost, and effectively reduces the production cost under the premise of not reducing the use and decorative performance of the door. In addition to good visual effects, but also has sound insulation, heat insulation, high strength, good durability and other characteristics, so it is accepted by people.
The new complete set of solid wood composite door is composed of three parts: door, door cover and door cover line. This structure makes the styles of wooden doors varied, and solves the problems of easy deformation and cracking of all solid wood doors. Complete sets of solid wood composite doors are manufactured by the factory, easy to install, avoid the door needs to be painted on the construction site, caused by air and noise pollution.

Phylum variety

According to the surface material
The main walnut, cherry wood, Shabili, shadow wood, maple, teak, ash, black sandalwood, pear, crape myrtle, zebra, science and technology wood, pine, fir and so on.
By function
Main door, bedroom door, study door, kitchen door, apartment hotel room door, corridor door, office door, hotel door and so on.
According to the opening mode
1, sliding rail door: horizontal push and pull open, does not take up space. Mainly used for kitchen doors, toilet doors, balcony doors.
2, hinge door: turn open, mainly used for entry door, bedroom door, office door.
According to the surface treatment
1. Stubble door: If the door is not painted, you need to find an oilman to paint it manually after you buy it. Because of hand painting, the quality of the door is reduced.
2. Painted door: also known as finished door, the door that has been painted in the factory can be installed directly.
According to the form of the door
1. Flat door: The edge of the door is flat. Traditional doors are all flat doors.
2. T-shaped door: The new door introduced from Europe, the edge of the door is T-shaped, the protruding part is pressed on the door cover, and is equipped with a sealing rubber strip, the sealing sound insulation effect is good, the overall appearance.
By door type and craft
1. Plate door: closed type, no perspective and light point, mostly used for doors and bedroom doors, this door can carve concave line and make convex line, beautiful body, good integrity.
2, core plate door: in the middle of the door is equipped with one or more core plates, convex, three-dimensional art is strong.
3, glass door: with glass as the main body of the door, the whole door only four sides and the dock, the rest are made of glass, with bright light, good body penetration characteristics, rich in strong art and appreciation.
4, half glass door: the above half is glass, the lower half is plate, with appropriate transparency.

Production technology

The door fan is made of fir wood integrated wood group frame, which needs to be sanded with a fixed thickness and pressed onto 3 l” nn.1 thick medium fiber board, and then pressed onto thin wood with hot pressing after sanded with a fixed thickness. The uneven substrate existing in the original process is eliminated, resulting in corrugating on the surface of the veneer. The core plate of the door adopts the milling type of the four sides, which makes the door more three-dimensional. The door core plate is fixed by pressing wire strips, so that the door core plate has replaceable thickness, which improves the problem of replacing the whole door when the door core plate produced by the original process has problems.
The production process of the door cover, the balanced structure of the medium fiber board double-sided pressing paste, enhances the flexural performance, avoids the deformation of the door cover, the door is not tight, the size of the gap around the problem. Thin wood finish, can ensure the door, door cover texture is consistent.
The door line is made of 2 pieces of MDF vertical glue, the comprehensive use of MDF vertical and horizontal flexural strength of high characteristics. After the improvement of the process of wood door set, using solid wood and wood-based board combination, the cost is reduced, product quality is improved, product structure rationalization, beautiful surface. This process has been tested in practice, has been mature in the production of mass production, and has been recognized by the market. [1]
Veneer: Because the internal material of solid wood composite door is made of ordinary wood and medium fiber board, the use of solid wood veneer is the most important process of solid wood composite door, which plays a decisive role in its final quality and use effect.
Wood and medium density medium fiber board adhesive bonding, in order to ensure the quality of bonding, we must ensure the processing accuracy of the matching surface, in addition to choose high bonding strength of rubber, such as urea-formaldehyde resin glue and polyvinyl acetate emulsion.
Raw material
Are some medium density fiberboard, greatly reduce the use of wood, very in line with the theme of environmental protection and low carbon.
Core material
Solid wood composite doors are generally five layers of hot pressing composite structure. Most manufacturers choose fir integrated wood as the core material, and the high-end solid wood composite door uses pine integrated pine.
Because the internal materials of solid wood composite doors are made of ordinary wood and medium fiber board, thin wood veneer is the most important process of solid wood composite doors, which plays a decisive role in its final quality and use effect.
High production flexibility
1, blanking a component processing a component surface processing an assembled edge. The process is characterized by first machining the member and surface treatment, and then assembly into the door. Because the finishing material is very thin, there is no dressing condition, so the machining precision of the component is required to be higher.
2. Processing a component, assembling a surface, processing a corner. The process is characterized by the overall processing of the composite door, and then the finishing treatment, before the veneer can be trimmed on the door blank.
3, the production of door blank a milling modeling a finish processing. The panel of the solid wood composite door is made of 18 mm thick medium fiber board, which is processed by milling cutter to produce a variety of concave and convex effects similar to the solid wood door, so its modeling is flexible and can be selective. By improving the above conventional technology, the author puts forward a more practical processing technology scheme of solid wood composite door.

Purchase instructions

According to material
The material of the door core and panel has a great influence on the overall quality. The use of honeycomb paper, large core board, imported door core board and other materials has different sound insulation effects. Whether to use door core board should be selected according to the specific function and requirements. There are dozens of varieties of panels, such as oak, walnut, maple, rosewood and other different woods have their own natural texture and quality, should be based on the actual decoration style and preferences to choose different types of panels.
According to structure
High quality finished doors from the internal structure can be divided into plate structure and solid wood structure (including plate structure, panel structure) two categories.
From the appearance of the panel door and panel door, the three-dimensional sense of the line is strong, the shape is prominent, the thick and the cultural quality is highlighted. They belong to the traditional process production, the workmanship is good, the structure is stable, the shortage is the high cost, suitable for European, new classical, new Chinese, rural, Mediterranean and other classic style decoration after time precipitation, and can be integrated into the whole architectural space. Enhance the purity of style decoration and the thick sense of historical and cultural precipitation.
Flat plate door type simple, strong modern sense, wide selection of materials, rich color, strong plasticity, easy to clean, suitable price, but the visual impact is weak. Suitable for modern simple, avant-garde and other free, modern style, can increase the vitality of the space. Flat doors can also be carved and carved to create changeable classical style, but the three-dimensional sense of the lines is poor, the lack of thickness, but the cost is relatively moderate.
According to paint
1, see, touch the fullness of the paint film, this will be more than a few times to see. The paint film is full, that the quality of the paint is good, the cohesion is strong, the closure of the wood is good, and that the painting process is more perfect, there will be no suspicion of jerry-building;
2, stand on the oblique side of the door to find the reflective Angle of the door, see if the surface of the paint film is smooth, orange peel phenomenon is obvious, there are no protruding small particles, if there are more obvious small particles, that the painting equipment of the factory is simple, at least there is no full pressure dust-free spray paint room, which is the necessary equipment to control the quality of the paint. If the phenomenon of orange peel is obvious, it indicates that the baking process of paint film is not qualified;
3, fancy modeling door, to see the shape of the edge of the line, especially the Yin Angle (is to see but can not touch the Angle) there is no film cracking phenomenon.
4, ask the type of paint, the basic answer is PU paint (polyurethane paint), PU paint has the advantages of easy grinding, saving time and effort in the processing process, the disadvantage is that the paint film is soft, slight bump is easy to produce white shadow dent. This possibility is greatly reduced if at least one of the coatings is PE paint. PE paint (polyester paint) has the advantages of hard film, strong hiding power, good transparency, can better show the wood skin texture, the disadvantage is difficult to polish, time-consuming and laborious processing process, the vast majority of manufacturers are not willing to use PE coating. This point can also show a manufacturer’s attitude towards the product. It should be noted here that the training of sales girls does not cover this aspect, so they are less likely to deceive consumers at this point, and they themselves do not understand the difference between the two paints.
According to flatness
1, veneer foaming, indicating that veneer in the process of attaching uneven heat, or uneven glue, plate hot press can solve the problem of uneven heat plate door veneer;
2, the surface flatness of the wooden door is not enough, that the plate is relatively cheap, the flatness of the plate is not enough, it can be imagined that the environmental performance is also difficult to reach the standard, a bit of the meaning of autumn;
3, see whether the process joint is uniform and fine
To see whether the process joint is uniform and fine, the root of the car is almost, directly reflects the comprehensive process level of the enterprise;
4, look at the installation quality
Although the finished set of doors is completed in the factory, it is only completed when it becomes a commodity to be used by customers. Therefore, the door is only semi-finished from the factory, and the installation is the key link. A good installation process, good installation tools, and experienced installation technicians are the keys to the success of the installation. Installation of excellent door products, horizontal and vertical, uniform and small gaps, smooth opening and closing, open any Angle will not automatically go (except the installation of door closers), hinge, door lock and other hardware joint fine, smooth, and horizontal and vertical.

Cleaning and maintenance

1, do not hang heavy items on the door or avoid sharp objects knock, scratch open or close the door, do not use too much force, do not hit the wooden door.
2. Do not open the door lock with wet hands, or splash the corrosive solvent onto the solid wood composite door and door lock. Do not exert too much force when opening the door or turning the lock handle. Hinge, door lock and other frequently active hardware accessories, loose to tighten immediately. When the door lock does not work, you can add appropriate amount of pencil lead foam and other lubricants to the keyhole for lubrication.
3, wipe the glass, do not make the cleaning agent or water into the gap of the glass strip, so as to avoid the deformation of the strip. Do not use too much force when wiping glass, so as to avoid glass damage and personal injury. Glass damage after big bump, be sure to ask professional maintenance.
4. When removing stains on the surface of solid wood composite doors (such as handprints), you can use air to wet and wipe with a soft cloth. Hard cloth is easy to scratch the surface, if the stain is too heavy, you can use neutral cleaning agent, toothpaste or furniture cleaning agent, clean immediately after decontaminate. The edges and corners of the solid wood compound door should not be often abraded, so as not to cause fading damage to the edges and corners of the finishing material. When cleaning the dust on the wooden door, you can use a vacuum cleaner if you do not use a soft cotton cloth to erase it. In order to maintain the surface luster and service life of wooden doors, cleaning and dust removal should be carried out regularly. Special curing liquid for wooden decoration products can be used to conserve the surface.
5, spring and winter should keep the indoor ventilation is good, make the solid wood composite door in the normal temperature and humidity environment, prevent the solid wood composite door due to humidity, temperature difference is too large and deformation, metal accessories corrosion show, edge sealing, veneer material fall off phenomenon. When using electric heating or other heating equipment in winter, it is necessary to stay away from solid wood compound doors so as not to make them hot and deformed.
6, when painting the wall, to cover the solid wood composite door, to avoid the painting coating to make the wood door veneer material peel off, fade, affect the overall beauty.

Advantages and disadvantages

1. The technological structure of solid wood composite door is more scientific, and the probability of door deformation and warping is relatively reduced.
2, factory operation has higher precision, spray paint is not easy to release formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic gases.
3. The door body of the solid wood composite door is heavy, which has the effect of warmth and sound insulation, and the finished product has strong impact resistance.
4, the appearance of solid wood composite door is one-piece string cut wood bark, the texture is clear and natural, there is a strong aesthetic feeling.
1, solid wood composite doors and solid wood doors are easier to damage, and afraid of water.
2, solid wood composite door manufacturer quality will be different, so the selection must be carefully understood.