Spring door

A door with spring hinges

A spring door is a door classified according to the way it is opened. A door equipped with a spring hinge automatically closes when opened. The most common spring door is the ground door, which is used for public places and emergency exit channels.


A spring door is a door classified according to the way it is opened. A door equipped with a spring hinge automatically closes when opened. Spring doors are mainly used for public places and emergency exit channels.
A spring door is a door that relies on an elastic closing to open the door, also known as an “automatic door.” The elasticity of a spring door refers to its closing speed. The greater the elasticity, the faster the closing speed, and the smaller the elasticity, the slower the closing speed. Generally speaking, the rails of spring doors are made of high-strength, wear-resistant aluminum. The opening way of the spring door is flat door, sliding door and so on. Its hardware accessories are mainly composed of ground spring, lock, push hand and so on.


(1) Spring door track: made of high strength and wear-resistant aluminum. It can be easily cut, and can be adjusted on site and installed with appropriate size even in various opening widths such as shops. 2.5m base unit length.
(2) Spring door controller: pull the detection signals of sensors or other signal switches, drive the motor, and control the door body to move in an appropriate way.
(3) Spring door motor: Adopt DC brushless motor with small volume and large power, decelerate with high-speed gearbox system with high transmission efficiency and low noise, and then drive the synchronous belt.
(4) Spring door sensor: when someone comes in and out of the spring door, it will give the spring door open signal.
(5) Spring door belt tensioning wheel component: constant tension belt tensioning wheel is used to adjust belt tension, and belt constant adjustment device keeps constant tension of synchronous tooth belt.
(6) Spring door hanging wheel: All adopt adjustment structure, and the hanger parts are pressed and formed by cold rolled steel plate. The hanger is equipped with regulating wheel made of special materials, which moves along the curved surface on the track.
(7) Spring door belt: synchronous toothed belt with high transmission efficiency is selected to connect with the hanger to drive the door fan movement.

Installation method

1, the door frame should be horizontal and vertical, that is, the horizontal frame must be horizontal, the mullion must be vertical, which also includes the vertical problem of the plane of the door frame, because the ground spring door without the horizontal frame, the integrity of the door frame is poor, bringing difficulty to the installation, but in any case, the whole door frame must be done in a plane, not distorted, otherwise it will affect the installation of the door.
2, the installation of the ground spring, must be installed in the door frame, according to the position of the fulcrum, with the hammer to find the center position of the handle, and pay attention to the middle line of the two springs must be connected to the center of the left and right door frame in a line, otherwise the door will be installed after the phenomenon of one before one after. After finding the correct position, cement sand slurry is poured and filled to prevent loosening in the process of use.
3. Pay attention to the installation accuracy. There are five gaps in the spring door. In addition to the precision related to production, installation is also an important link, so in the process of making and installing the ground spring door, the diagonal difference of the door frame and door door, the dimensional tolerance must meet the standard requirements, in addition, under the premise of the door frame is fixed, the gap between the door and the door frame can also be adjusted by adjusting the position of the upper and lower handles of the door.

Spring lock

The surface of the spring door lock is generally stainless steel material, high-grade, beautiful, safe, firm and reliable, generally applicable to the thickness range of the door fan is 10-15mm.
Spring door lock assembly: including a lock shell, a lock head, a lock tongue, a fixing plate, a lock tongue plate connected with the lock tongue, and a safety mechanism and a lock tongue length control mechanism.
Spring door lock composition: The front and back side walls of the head of the lock tongue are inclined, and A sliding core is installed in the chute of the lock tongue plate. The front and back locks A and B are separated from each other, respectively equipped with a rotating plate A and a rotating plate B, which can rotate with the lock head and push the post on the sliding core, so that the lock tongue and the lock tongue move, and the door is opened. The lock shell is equipped with an upward and sliding safety block, and the side wall of the lock tongue is supported when the safety block is downward. Disable the lock.
Spring door lock features: no left, right, can be opened bidirectional, with self-locking function, its anti-theft, anti-skid performance is excellent.

Others: spring door phenomenon

On March 14, 2011, Premier Wen Jiabao mentioned the phenomenon of “glass door” and “spring door” in private enterprises when answering reporters’ questions after the two sessions.
In the long run, it is difficult for government investment to maintain a long-term rapid growth. After the economic stimulus effect of 4 trillion yuan investment decreases, the government has introduced relevant policies to encourage and guide private investment, so as to encourage private investment to step in and take over, thus driving sustainable economic growth. However, there are still two doors for private investment to enter some sectors. One is the “glass door”, which means that according to the principle of “if it is not forbidden to enter” of private enterprises stipulated in the 36 Articles of the State’s non-public economy, private capital can enter all industries except the investment fields explicitly prohibited by the law. Relevant departments are not allowed to set up barriers for any reason. However, this has not been implemented in practice.
Through the “glass door”, this problem is figuratively compared to “visible, without explicit barriers, but unable to enter, forced entry will touch the head”; The other is the “spring door”, similar to the “glass door”, which vividly indicates that private enterprises have just stepped into a certain field, but are slightly careless to be bounced out.
“Glass door” mainly refers to the problem of investment access, and “spring door” mainly refers to the problem of private enterprises being squeezed out. Both reflect the inequality between private capital and state enterprises in the field of investment.