Steel wood interior door

A set of doors for interior decoration

Steel wood interior door is a kind of door set for interior decoration, basically does not have anti-theft performance, users can choose different colors, wood, lines and patterns according to the advertising page provided by the manufacturer and interior decoration as one, no longer like steel door cold disharmony.


Steel wood interior door: is a kind of room decoration suite door series. The outer layer is steel plate, and the inside is filled with wood frame, paper shell and other environmental materials. The price is favorable. It is a medium indoor door on the market which is relatively mature and accepted with high degree. Many dealers or insiders refer to these doors as steel and wood doors. Because the surface material and security door is different, so it can only be installed indoors, to avoid the sun to the place, so called indoor door. When the two are combined, they are called steel and wood interior doors. In addition, when the door will be equipped with door cover, so it can also be called steel and wood indoor set door.
It’s also cheaper than steel security doors. Steel wood interior door advantages the door closed basically no noise, strong sense of art, moderate weight. Disadvantages for the door for multilayer composite wood, not suitable for bathroom use. Not suitable for humid climate areas!


The steel and wood interior door belongs to the set door and consists of three main parts. That is, door, door, door line.
1. The door fan is generally composed of plastic coated steel plate or painted steel plate with 3-0.8mm thickness and wood square frame.
2, the door cover is generally used with multilayer board.
3, the door line is generally made of wood plastic or plastic steel.


Energy saving
Steel and wood doors save more than 60% wood compared with solid wood doors.
Environmental protection
Steel wood interior door is made of high quality steel plate and solid wood inner bar, no formaldehyde, toluene, no radiation; All the processes that pollute the user’s living space during production are completed in the factory, truly achieving the purpose of environmental protection.
Steel wood interior door to the middle and low grade real wood door, from the door almost the same price. But provides more excellent quality, cost-effective outstanding.
Steel wood interior door appearance has the advantages of good strength, no deformation, strong and durable.
Steel and wood indoor doors are convenient and quick to install, which is ready to buy. Compared with self-made doors, it takes 10 days or even a month, and there is residual paint polluting the air. Steel and wood indoor doors can be fully installed and put into use in 1 or 2 hours, and there is no pollution residue.
The surface of the steel and wood interior door is moulded by a large hydraulic press, which has a strong three-dimensional sense and can provide a rich variety of styles. The product lines are smooth and the styles are diverse. The tolerance of the industrialized steel and wood door is very small, and the various parts of the door are closely combined, sealed and consistent. In appearance, the steel and wood interior door has strong three-dimensional sense, changeable color, beautiful appearance and the advantages of straight force wood door, and can be realistic imitation wood grain effect, in line with the public aesthetic taste, with excellent surface treatment technology, steel and wood interior door can make almost any pattern.

Treatment technology

Surface treatment processes on the market are mainly divided into two categories:
1, film process: steel plate surface paste imitation wood grain PVC material (i.e., plastic), the production process is PVC material by thermal bonding pasted on the steel plate, such products in the process of use, due to the change of cold and heat, there may be degumming, layer, leg color phenomenon, and sharp instrument scratches the surface after degumming and rust phenomenon is more serious;
2, transfer painting process: steel plate after phosphating liquid anticorrosion treatment → steel plate bottom spray treatment → baking → wood grain heating transfer to the bottom of the steel plate paint → baking → surface using car painting process. The performance is relatively stable.

Door casing material

The door material on the market is mainly divided into four categories:
1, multilayer veneer door cover: multilayer veneer (PVC) or sticker paint, due to the surface of the laminating process, in the wet and dry environment between the veneer and the plate easy to fall off, delamination, surface foaming phenomenon, uneven. Long-term use of veneer and plate will produce anaerobic bacteria, so that the material deformation, affect the use and appearance.
2, density board door cover: mainly using density board surface stickers to paint or paste PVC film production, because the density board is made of straw fiber and glue, after high pressure, it will expand, moldy, deformation after water absorption, the density is greatly reduced after expansion, thus affecting the nail holding force and service life.
3. Steel door cover: The production process of steel door frame is adopted. The door cover and door fan have no color difference, and are shaped by steel plate. Most of these door covers are single-sided lines and relatively single lines. The installation method is the same as that of steel doors, which makes them lose the essence of steel and wood indoor doors.
4, multilayer UV paint finish door cover: is a new type of door cover, multilayer board using transfer wood grain, surface UV paint finish process, the product color is full, gorgeous, because of the use of UV paint finish so that the product to achieve the best state of use, with no deformation, no cracking, moisture-proof, heat-proof, wear-resistant, pollution-free and so on.

Line material

The lines on the market are mainly divided into three categories: 1, wood plastic lines: wood plastic substrate surface film (PVC) or sticker paint, due to the surface of the laminating process, in the process of use between the veneer and the substrate easy to fall off, prone to surface foaming, wood plastic substrate powder and other phenomena; 2, plastic steel line: plastic steel substrate surface film (PVC), due to the surface of the laminating process, in the process of use between the veneer and the substrate easy to fall off, the surface layer foaming phenomenon; 3, plastic steel baking lines: in the surface of high-quality plastic steel substrate using transfer wood grain and UV paint finishing process, the color of the product is full, gorgeous, so that the product to reach the best state.

Steel plate thickness

Steel plate thickness is the most can reflect the product quality part, due to the diversification of market price, steel plate thickness is also different, such as to achieve product surface smooth, smooth, stable performance, steel plate thickness should reach 0.5mm and above, its collision prevention, impact resistance to achieve good results. And some of the inferior products of enterprises, choose 0.3mm or thinner steel plate, resulting in poor surface flatness and insufficient rigidity of door body. Such products have seriously disturbed the normal competition order of the steel and wood door industry, damaged the interests of consumers, and brought more quality complaints and after-sales problems to the dealers of steel and wood doors. It is suggested that the market firmly resist this inferior product.
As long as consumers carefully combine the above detailed observations when buying steel and wood set interior doors, they must compare the cost performance of the products at the same time, so as not to damage the rights and interests of consumers because of the purchase of inferior steel and wood doors.