Anti-theft door is called “anti-theft security door”, as the name suggests, with a certain degree of anti-theft and safety performance

At present, there are many kinds of anti-theft doors on the market. According to the standard GB25-92 “General Technical Conditions for Anti-theft Security doors” issued by the Ministry of Public Security, anti-theft doors can be divided into three kinds: fence-type anti-theft doors, solid doors and compound doors.

According to the material, the types of security doors can be divided into steel, steel and wood structure, aluminum alloy and copper.

There are three main categories of popular anti-theft doors on the market: stainless steel doors, dusted steel doors and surface clad steel doors, each of which has its own features. Different materials of course quality, performance and price are not the same.

Fence type anti-theft door is usually more common by steel pipe welded anti-theft door, its biggest advantage is ventilation, light, beautiful appearance, and the price is relatively low. The upper part of the anti-theft door is fence-type steel pipe or steel plate, and the lower part is cold-rolled steel plate, which is locked with multiple locking points to ensure the anti-skid ability of the anti-theft door. But in the anti-theft effect is not as closed security door.

The solid door is extruded by cold rolled steel plate. The door plate is all steel plate. The thickness of steel plate is mostly 1.2 mm and 1.5 mm, which has strong impact resistance. The double steel plate of the door fan is filled with rock wool thermal insulation and fireproof material, which has the functions of anti-theft, fire prevention, heat insulation and sound insulation. General solid security doors are equipped with cat eyes, doorbell and other facilities.


The composite security door is composed of solid door and fence type security door, which has the characteristics of anti-theft, anti-fly mosquito in summer, ventilation and cooling, and warm and sound insulation in winter.

Steel anti-theft door Steel anti-theft door is also the most used by the common people in the market, the price is reasonable, but the shape and line are hard, it is difficult to integrate with modern interior decoration.

Steel wood security door Steel wood security door is a kind of door for interior decoration. According to the needs of customers, different colors, wood strips, lines and patterns can be selected to integrate with interior decoration. The price is slightly higher than steel security door.

Aluminum alloy door Aluminum alloy material is not used for the ordinary aluminum alloy doors and Windows we see, its hardness is higher, and the color is bright, and then decorated with pattern decoration, give a person a sense of resplencent and brilliant, belongs to the middle class security door, and is not easy to fade.

The style of copper anti-theft door is advanced, and it has a good performance in fire prevention, corrosion prevention, skid prevention and dust prevention. In terms of material, copper anti-theft door is the best, and the price is also the most expensive. It is generally only used for banks and other financial institutions or senior residential villas.

Stainless steel door. The style is mainly grille type, which is characterized by beautiful and generous, smooth surface effect, high gloss, will not rust. But its color is single, anti-theft performance is poor, easy to pry, the price is relatively high.

Powder sprayed steel door. It is divided into two kinds: grid type and fully enclosed, with rich and varied surface colors. The same problem of poor skid resistance exists between the grille type powder sprayed steel door and the stainless steel grille door. The anti-theft performance of the fully enclosed dusted steel door is much better than that of the grille type anti-theft door, because its surface is completely closed, it is more difficult to be damaged, and the fully closed anti-theft door is usually equipped with a multi-point locking device. The so-called multi-point locking means that the security door is equipped with a moving lock rod. At present, the maximum has reached 15 locking, even if it is damaged one or two lock points, the overall anti-theft performance is still not affected. The disadvantage of this kind of door is poor rust protection. At present, the powdered steel doors on the market usually use cold rolled steel plates as raw materials. Due to the poor anti-rust function of the steel itself, coupled with the high moisture in the air in coastal areas, if the phosphating is not complete or there is no anti-rust primer, it will soon rust. It is worth paying special attention when shopping.

Surface clad steel door. A new type of security door. It is characterized by multiple lock points, rich surface color, no rust. The process is to cover the surface of the steel plate with a layer of PVC protective film, which can be used in the temperature of 400 ~ 700℃. The surface of the door plate has a variety of printing patterns, such as imitation marble, imitation wood grain, anti-skin grain and so on. At present, the more popular is imitation beech wood grain, the color of red beech, yellow beech, coffee, can be well matched with interior decoration. This kind of security door price per square price is usually 600 ~ 800 yuan, a mid-range product.


The structure of the security door: The steel plate thickness of the door frame should be more than 2mm, the thickness of the door body is generally more than 20mm, the weight of the door body is more than 40kg, the steel plate thickness of the door body is more than 1.0mm, and there are several reinforcing bars, so that the front and back panels of the door body are organically connected together to enhance the overall strength of the door body. It is best to have asbestos in the door with fire prevention, thermal insulation, sound insulation function of the material as a filler.