Common security doors are steel doors, stainless steel doors, steel wood doors, aluminum alloy doors, iron doors, copper doors and so on.

Steel door

Steel security door is the most common in the market, many owners choose this kind of security door, the main reason is that its price is reasonable, but the disadvantage is that it is not beautiful, the line is too stiff, can not be satisfied with people’s aesthetic pursuit.

Stainless steel door

Stainless steel anti-theft door is also the first choice of many owners, its advantages are strong, high density, not easy to rust, can be used for a long time. But the shortcomings and steel door is similar, monotonous color, poor decoration, and its price is relatively expensive.

Steel wood door

Steel and wood doors are suitable for the owners of a variety of choices, patterns are very rich, easy to match with home design style. But the price is relatively expensive, the requirements of the door and hinge are relatively high.

Aluminum alloy door

We know that aluminum alloy has a variety of uses, aluminum alloy doors and Windows are also a better choice, and the anti-theft door of this aluminum alloy not only has the decorative steel and wood doors, rich patterns, and high hardness, not easy to fade. But it is a bit difficult to install.

Iron gate

It can be said that the most commonly seen in the market and used by the common people is the iron security door, which is clearly targeted at the mass consumption and is easily accepted by the common people. The disadvantage of this door is that it is easy to be corroded, so there will be rust and fading after a period of use, which affects the beautiful appearance of the whole door.

Copper door:

From the material point of view, copper security door is the best. As a high-end security door, its service objects are those commercial office buildings, institutions, villas. Natural performance is also very superior, the ancient buildings are left with copper products, copper anti-theft doors will be anti-theft and entry into one.